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As announced here, development of Nightmare on Chicken Street has halted until we have the resources to complete it. We'll be focusing on small mobile friendly games for the time being. Our game is chosen and has begun development, but we won't be releasing any detailed info on it until it's complete. I can say that it will feature 240p pixel art graphics.

Current Status:

3/5/2015 - I stopped working on the achievement system before it was finished and began figuring out some visible game stuff and a small story. I did some major overhauls to the main character and attack. Bobby finished some images, so we now have 3 (of ~8) backgrounds with vertical and horizontal parallax. He finished the tilemap for a stage, so I've begun practicing building that stage. Colliders are working. I've also gotten a few destructible elements working. Enemies are probably next.

1/10/2015 - Not a game update, but an overall update to our plans here. To summarize, our games won't be created under the BoJo's Bazaar name, but another unannounced one, with this website being placed in a state of limbo. This page will be updated to send users to the new website when the time comes.

12/17/2014 - I've successfully finished (minus the server-side code) the ability to check whether or not there is a new version of the game within my multi-game framework. It wasn't a priority, but it was needed before release and what I learned will help with other stuff like downloading online leaderboards. I'm also mostly finished with the achievement system for my multi-game framework. Bobby has made good progress on stage tiles.

11/13/2014 - We missed several days due to an out of state wedding. I've finally managed to get a new monitor, so no more horrendous contrast and burnt in gui/menus for me. Bobby has continued working on sprites and tiles. After getting the main character control roughly finished, I've been trying to work out and around some annoying issues I've been having with the game engine.

10/18/2014 - I've been programming the main character and Bobby has continued working on stage tiles and some enemy animation. The main character is mostly working and might be finished within a week.

10/10/2014 - Game design will be finished soon. The main character is 99% finished, including animation. Nearly all of the enemies are designed, but not animated. Some of the stage tiles are finished. Virtually no progress on the programming yet, unless you count my cross-game framework from Nightmare on Chicken Street. I'm very happy with the timely progress and quality of the sprites, they are coming along much faster than the HD graphics of Nightmare on Chicken Street.

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