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Web Browsers:

Not upgrading your web browser is bad for the internet. Using a modern browser is safer, more user friendly, can be much faster, and allows webpages to appear as the designer intended. Designing websites that take advantage of newer technology, yet degrades gracefully on older browsers, is time consuming and difficult. Do the internet a favor and upgrade your web browser if it's outdated.

  • Maxthon Cloud Browser (v4+)
    My personal favorite, Maxthon has been my main browser since its inception. Fast, feature rich, and standards compliant.
  • Firefox (v28+)
    Fast, lots of extensions, and standards compliant. Fantastic extensions for web developers.
  • Internet Explorer (v10+)
    Fast and standards compliant. By far the best versions of IE yet.
  • Opera (v12+)
    I've never used Opera, but it has a dedicated following, is feature rich, standards compliant, and has a solid reputation.
  • Other Browsers
    The latest versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Both use WebKit, the same layout engine that Maxthon uses. Although good, I recommend the above browsers before them.

Website Scripts & Software:

Various parts of our website make use of third party software and/or scripts. All of this software is free, mature, well supported, and open source. A lot of research and testing was done before choosing this software.

  • FormMail
    We use this to handle the form on our Contact Us page. Using FormMail helps us cut down on spam and allows us to get to your questions sooner.
  • SMF
    The software we use for our Forum.
  • WordPress
    The software we use for our Blog.
  • Piwik
    The web analytics software that we use to monitor our website traffic.
  • Simple Mailing List
    The software we use for our Newsletter.

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