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Q: What is BoJo's Bazaar?

A: BoJo's Bazaar is an Independent Video Game & Art Studio.

Q: What is an Independent Video Game & Art Studio?

A: We design, create, and sell video games without the use of a publisher or investor. We also create artwork to sell on various products and/or put up for download as desktop wallpapers.

Q: Why don't you use a publisher or investor for your video games?

A: No matter what size we are, now or in the future, we want to keep doing things on our own terms. Complete creative freedom and ownership of our creations is very important to us.

Q: Where can I learn more about BoJo's Bazaar?

A: See our About page for more information about us and our website.

Q: Why do I need two separate accounts to comment on the Blog and Forum?

A: They are two very different pieces of software and joining the accounts won't be an easy process. It will be attempted when time allows for it.


Q: What is a POD?

A: POD stands for "Print On Demand." POD's are companies used by artists who don't have the time, space, or funds to manufacture, stock, and ship products themselves. They are also used by companies to create an extra source of income. POD's require little to no financial investment or risk but offer much lower margins than handling everything yourself.

Q: What is your reason for using a POD?

A: All of the above. We don't have the time, space, or funds to do everything ourselves. We use the proceeds to help support us and fund our game development.

Q: Why did you choose Zazzle?

A: They have a good reputation, quality products, a wide range of products, and a large/popular marketplace.

Order Status

Q: Why can't BoJo's Bazaar tell me the status of my shop order?

A: The ordering, manufacturing, and shipping is handled by Zazzle. At no point in time do we receive any information that can be relayed back to you.


Q: Why doesn't BoJo's Bazaar handle shop returns directly?

A: Because shop products aren't bought from BoJo's Bazaar, they are bought from Zazzle. Zazzle handles everything.

Q: Why doesn't BoJo's Bazaar accept video game returns/refunds?

A: Because we have trial or demo versions of our games available to try beforehand. Those should be enough to see whether a game works on your computer or if it's worth purchasing.

Video Games

Q: What is your stance on DRM?

A: While the motivations are understandable, we hate it. Customers shouldn't be treated as potential pirates before or while playing a purchased game. Everyone has downloaded something illegally on the internet at one point or another and for any number of reasons. It's going to happen and there is no point in fighting it. If you purchased our game, thank you. If you didn't, we hope we'll earn your support someday. We believe everyone will find our methods to be completely reasonable.

Q: What is your stance on platform or reseller specific content/features?

A: I'm sure companies pay good money for it, but we do not support this practice. You shouldn't have to pick and choose who you buy a game from or what hardware you buy a game for. All versions will always be equal unless it is actually limited by the hardware itself (unlikely).

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