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News relating to our Shop section.

Expanded Design Group: Kawaii Kitty (15x)

We’ve added fifteen new designs to our Kawaii Kitties section within our shop. Kawaii Kitty (Dracula) Kawaii Kitty (Frankenstein’s Monster) Kawaii Kitty (Witch) Kawaii Kitty (Mummy) Kawaii Kitty (Tiger) Kawaii Kitty (Medusa) Kawaii Kitty (Werewolf) Kawaii Kitty (Phantom of the … Continue reading

New Design Group: Kawaii Kitty (7x)

We’ve added a group of seven new designs to the Animals section within our shop. Fifteen more Kawaii Kitties will posted once they’re all finished being added. The first seven are simply basic cat colors with yarn balls. The next … Continue reading

Tweaked Menu and 14 New Product Types

We’ve added 14 new product types to our shop: Desk Organizers, Gel Mousepads, Clipboards, Ceramic Poker Chips, Cork Coasters, Lunch Boxes, Tables Lamps, Cutting Boards, Scarves, Drawstring Backpacks, Compact Mirrors, Flasks, Pewter Snowflake Ornaments, and Tooth Brush Holder/Soap Dispenser Sets. … Continue reading

2013 WWF Donation Information

If anyone was wondering about our World Wildlife Fund donation for 2013, it has been delayed till next year. Why? The reason is rather simple: Our sales were so poor last year that we still haven’t cleared the $100 minimum … Continue reading

New Product Types and Improved Menu

As mentioned in our last State of the Bazaar, we are currently in the middle of a spring cleaning/refresh of our shop. We ended up needing to recreate every single product, so it’s taking longer than expected. Our plan is … Continue reading

Updated and Expanded Design Group: Strongstache (x20)

We’ve not only made improvements to our Strongstache designs, but we’ve added three extra hair types for each hair color as well! Strongstache (Straight Gray Hair) Strongstache (Straight Red Hair) Strongstache (Straight Black Hair) Strongstache (Straight Blond Hair) Strongstache (Straight … Continue reading

WWF & Earth Day Weekend Special Promotion

Starting Saturday, April 20th, we’ll be having a special promotion we’re calling WWF & Earth Day Weekend. Instead of the usual 30% of Paper Animal proceeds being donated to the WWF, we’ll be donating 50% of ALL product proceeds. This … Continue reading