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General news related to BoJo’s Bazaar.

State of the Bazaar #6: A Ton of Work Ahead

Time for another State of the Bazaar 🙂 . So… we’ve delayed our Kickstarter yet again. I’m really tired of doing it, but it can’t be helped. As I said in our Nightmare on Chicken Street announcement, I have to … Continue reading

Website Changelog: March 12th, 2013

We finished up a few more website tweaks. Our Header images now feature our improved logo and some color/design tweaks. All of our wallpapers have been updated to match our improved Header images. Tweaked our list of supported wallpaper resolutions … Continue reading

Website Changelog: March 2nd, 2013

All mascot images have been removed from our website. From the very beginning of BoJo’s Bazaar, we wanted to create a fantastic fictional world that starred our mascot, BoJo the Elephant. This world would be used throughout our website to … Continue reading

State of the Bazaar #5: Reflections and Resolutions

Today I’m going to take a look back at a rough 2012 and outline our plans for a hopeful 2013. Shop: 2012: Sales were down 30% from 2011 despite having more designs, more product types, and my sitemap generator. We … Continue reading

Website Changelog: July 2012

I’ve spent the last few days making some improvements to our website. 🙂 General Completely rewrote the About page. Improved my “Shorten Text” function (used on the home page). Now ends with ” […]” instead of ” …”. Fixed bug … Continue reading

State of the Bazaar #4: Plans For The Summer

Things haven’t been updated in a while, so I thought I’d give a small progress report and updated schedule to show that we aren’t dead. Shop: I had originally stated that we wouldn’t add any products until our first video … Continue reading

State of the Bazaar #3: A New Year

I’d like to start out this State of the Bazaar address wishing everyone a Merry Christmas (or other holiday) and a Happy New Year. There isn’t much for me to report this time around. The website is pretty much in … Continue reading