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General news related to BoJo’s Bazaar.

State of the Bazaar #10: Restructuring For 2015 + Zazzle Sucks

We aren’t necessarily killing off BoJo’s Bazaar, but we are putting it in a state of limbo and returning to our original plan where our game studio was a completely separate entity from BoJo’s Bazaar. I’ve been thinking about this … Continue reading

State of the Bazaar #9: New Home, New Beginning?

Time for another State of the Bazaar, or as I like to call it, my blogging practice that no one reads (according to our analytics) and is done mostly to sharpen my writing, refocus our plans, and reboot myself after … Continue reading

State of the Bazaar #8: A Change of Plans

Well, the big job with my dad is over… but I now have one, possibly two, small jobs left with him. These weren’t planned, but he’s trying to get me a bit more work because the job didn’t turn out … Continue reading

Affiliate Page Added + Minor Website Tweaks

In our ongoing efforts to get our website and products more traffic/views/sales, we’ve added an affiliate page to our website. You can follow the link for instructions and information on how to become an affiliate. An affiliate will earn 15% … Continue reading

Donation Tweaks

I’ve made some changes to our wallpaper and video game donation areas. Flattr and Litecoin have been removed. Instead of showing a Bitcoin address we now have a “Donate Bitcoin” button, supplied by Coinbase, to make things much cleaner looking … Continue reading

BoJo’s Bazaar and Bitcoins

I just wanted to make a formal announcement that outside of our shop, which we have zero control over (Zazzle handles the product manufacturing and shopping cart), we’ll be supporting the use of Bitcoins as an additional currency. Any video … Continue reading

State of the Bazaar #7: Refresh Complete, Kickstarter Submitted

Time for another State of the Bazaar 🙂 . Shop: Our “Spring Refresh” was completed. Now that our shop is up-to-date, it will no longer be treated as a part of our main business. Video games, which were the reason … Continue reading