State of the Bazaar #10: Restructuring For 2015 + Zazzle Sucks

We aren’t necessarily killing off BoJo’s Bazaar, but we are putting it in a state of limbo and returning to our original plan where our game studio was a completely separate entity from BoJo’s Bazaar. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but a recent Zazzle issue has pushed me to finally make the decision.

What is the issue with Zazzle? Well, apparently Warner Brothers claimed our Paper Gorilla products infringed upon their ownership of King Kong… because we had “king kong” in a search tag. Not the title, not the description, not the product itself, and not even one of their power tags (first ten or so matter the most, IIRC). Borderline tag-spam, maybe, but copyright infringement?

Never mind the absurdity of a tag being copyright infringement, if Zazzle had bothered to actually review the claim, they would know our actual product didn’t infringe on any copyrights and they could have given us a chance to remove the search tag… which would’ve taken no more than a few minutes at most. Instead, they have their lazy and anti-shopkeeper position of handing down an automatic guilty verdict, sending you an email with no actual details on the infringement (I had to email them), and then deleting the associated products and images.

Additionally, their blanket removal of associated images (the backs, in this case) also caused all of our Paper Animal pillows to be deleted. And what was their email response? A copy/paste/automated statement describing something 100% irrelevant to my email. The least they could have done is apologize for their error and the trouble it would cause us should we even bother to recreate the products.

And just to add more salt to the wound, out the fewer than a dozen or so DVD’s/BD’s I own, King Kong is one them…

Anyway, on to an explanation of our restructuring.

Untitled Game Studio/Website: This will become our main website with game development as our focus. It’ll be a new website that will scale to a wide range of devices and resolutions… unlike our current website. My plan is to find a good balance that works well on desktops and phones/tablets (I find many websites to be too tablet oriented nowadays). We’ll likely have free wallpapers for our games and at some point we’ll have merchandise (See “Untitled Merchandise Shop” further below). The website will be developed immediately after our first game is finished.

BoJo’s Bazaar: This will be left in limbo for the foreseeable future, but modified a bit to reflect our separation of the game studio and how BoJo’s Bazaar is in a state of limbo. It will probably only be revived if and when we have the resources to dedicate ourselves and an actual team to turn the fictional world of BoJo’s Bazaar into the franchise we had originally planned. Games, Comics, Character Bio’s, World Info, Merchandise (at some point, see “Untitled Merchandise Shop” below), etc.

Untitled Merchandise Shop: If we start this shop it’ll mean the complete removal of our Zazzle store and products from their marketplace. It’ll also mean our Untitled Game Studio has become successful enough that we can effectively start this secondary business, which will handle all non-game, game, and possible BoJo’s Bazaar merchandise. This will be achieved either by hiring someone to manage it all or finding a higher quality print-on-demand-alternative business where we are considered an actual client, not some secondary citizen shopkeeper they couldn’t care less about. Merchandise will be far more limited than Zazzle, and probably consist of shirts, prints/posters, and possibly a few other things like stickers, mouse-pads, bookmarks, or figurines. This will only be done if we believe it’ll have a positive impact, promotional or financial, on our game studio.

-Kronus GT

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