State of the Bazaar #9: New Home, New Beginning?

Time for another State of the Bazaar, or as I like to call it, my blogging practice that no one reads (according to our analytics) and is done mostly to sharpen my writing, refocus our plans, and reboot myself after a long period of not being able to work on making a game or improving the website…

The Big News:

The big news, and reason for this State of the Bazaar address, is that we’ve moved. Why is this big? It’s a large step forward for us for two main reasons:

1. The rent is MUCH lower (we’re renting from our older brother), which means we can dedicate more time to working on our game instead of working to pay the bills.

2. We’ll be happier, and happiness equals improved productivity. Although smaller than our apartment was, it is much nicer and has a backyard and a single car garage (no basement, though 🙁 ). I could make a huge list of complaints about the apartment, but I’ll spare the details.

Video Game Status:

The move is a big improvement which should help us out tremendously in the long run. As far the short term is concerned… due to work and a very difficult and drawn out move we haven’t been able to work on the game since June. Our original schedule, from before we knew we were going to move, is now trashed.

No programming is done, but we do have a game design, the main character sprite and animations are pretty much done, and some of the other sprites have been worked on. We still have some stuff that we have to get squared away, but I expect things to gradually improve until we are running on all cylinders.

Shop Status:

We ended up not finishing our work on the shop. We had older designs that we wanted to expand onto the newer products, but it’s unlikely we’ll get to that anytime soon, if ever. Unfortunately, while we like our designs and they were good practice, they’re financially a massive waste of time. Thousands of hours of work, and ~$100 a year, isn’t why we created our shop. We were hoping for $200+ per month to support us while we develop games.

Our stuff doesn’t sell and there is little we can do about it. My marketing has failed and we aren’t willing to lower our standards to inflate our marketplace presence. If they ever do sell, it’ll simply be luck or a byproduct of our games doing well. I’ve been telling myself this for years, but this time I’m following through with it. No more Zazzle/Shop work, except for merchandise from games we release, unless sales magically go through the roof and it becomes worthwhile.

And last, here’s a bit of old news that I forgot to post back in April…

Website Tweaks:

  • Added a new product type: Oval Acrylic Ornaments.
  • Added “Shop for products featuring this design.” link to bottom of wallpaper pages that feature a related shop design.
  • Cleaned up website to reflect changes made to our video game plans.
  • Added product type descriptions for every recent product type and product type category addition.
  • Fixed a double encode bug with the description metadata in our shop.
  • Fixed a encoding bug with the title metadata in our shop.
  • Removed modified product image background color because only a few products still worked with it.
  • Removed useless “zbar=1” parameter on urls because Zazzle stopped using it.

Well, that’s it for now. The next bit of news will probably be after we’ve made significant progress on our game and are ready to release details and pictures.

-Kronus GT

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