State of the Bazaar #8: A Change of Plans

Well, the big job with my dad is over… but I now have one, possibly two, small jobs left with him. These weren’t planned, but he’s trying to get me a bit more work because the job didn’t turn out as intended. I ended up with ~2/3rds of the hours that I had expected due to us finishing ahead of schedule. Because of this, and a few of my bills getting raised, I came up short and failed to get enough money to last long enough to complete Nightmare on Chicken Street.

To make things worse, the small Bitcoin investment I made in the hopes of funding the music and sound effects is currently in the red. I’m still optimistic that Bitcoin will pull through, but I’m not confident it’ll have grown enough by the time we actually would’ve needed it to fund the quality and quantity of music we wanted for Nightmare on Chicken Street. Also, our Shop is still failing miserably to help support our development.

After some serious thought, I’ve decided that it would be in our best interest to postpone further development of Nightmare on Chicken Street for a year or more. Simply put, the game requires far more work (and money) than the two of us can currently put into it and we can’t continue with the demoralizing chaos, burnout, and stress from developing it under these conditions. It was designed with the assumption that our Kickstarter campaign would succeed, and it’s become clear to me that trying to push through it after failing wasn’t an achievable option.

So, where does that leave us?

First, we’re going to put a couple weeks into our shop and website. We’ll expand our product range further in the hope of selling more, add a few more designs, maybe do a little promotion, try to get some more wallpapers up, and generally try to clean and polish things up a bit in preparation for our new course of action.

Second, we’re going to take advantage of an option opened up to us when we switched game engines and try our hand at creating small mobile games. While we’d rather make bigger games, we’re just two people with extremely limited resources and it’s where we should have started to begin with. If things go smoothly, our goal is to release small games until we’re successful enough to return to and complete the development of Nightmare on Chicken Street. At best, it’ll be 2-3 games with a development time of 3-5 months per game before returning to Nightmare on Chicken Street.

This isn’t going to be easy. We may run into some complications when it comes to getting them on the multitude of platforms, especially with testing (we have none of the devices), but it shouldn’t be too bad. They could also drown in an overpopulated market like our Zazzle products… or we may get lucky and have a runaway success that puts us on the map. Even if they don’t do well enough to fully support continued development, they should at least give us a good sense of accomplishment/progress and a portfolio to help us get some contract work to earn continued development funds.

-Kronus GT

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