Affiliate Page Added + Minor Website Tweaks

In our ongoing efforts to get our website and products more traffic/views/sales, we’ve added an affiliate page to our website. You can follow the link for instructions and information on how to become an affiliate. An affiliate will earn 15% from all shop sales made by people who originally visited our site from their link. All sales continue to be affiliate sales until the user happens to clear their cookies or clicks on another affiliates link.

Website Tweaks:

  • Various typos have been fixed.
  • Footer copyright date was 2013, is now set to be auto-updated from now on.
  • Affiliate page added to sitemap.
  • Added a “Did You Know?” for our affiliate program.
  • A few products had the wrong default view or product option.
  • A few tweaks to the browsers listed in our Links page.
  • Made a few changes to our About page.

Bobby has officially begun putting up our new group of 22 designs. This should take two weeks at the most.

-Kronus GT

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