Tweaked Menu and 14 New Product Types

We’ve added 14 new product types to our shop: Desk Organizers, Gel Mousepads, Clipboards, Ceramic Poker Chips, Cork Coasters, Lunch Boxes, Tables Lamps, Cutting Boards, Scarves, Drawstring Backpacks, Compact Mirrors, Flasks, Pewter Snowflake Ornaments, and Tooth Brush Holder/Soap Dispenser Sets.

Our menu has been tweaked to help support and organize these new products without our menu becoming too large. New categories include Accessories, Bags & Backpacks, Mousepads, Office Products, Home Decor, and Toys & Games.

These new product types have been added because we have a brand new set of 22 designs completed and Zazzle had added quite a few new products since our shop refresh last year. These new designs, plus all existing designs being added to the new product types, should be finished sometime in May.

I’ve also spent some time, when not busy working, redoing all of the tags and some of the descriptions for our products. Hopefully it pays off and we can get more people seeing our products on the Zazzle markplace. According to Zazzles records, our views are absurdly poor, so hopefully the revised tags/descriptions helps our products get the exposure they deserve and increases our sales accordingly.

-Kronus GT

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