BoJo’s Bazaar and Bitcoins

I just wanted to make a formal announcement that outside of our shop, which we have zero control over (Zazzle handles the product manufacturing and shopping cart), we’ll be supporting the use of Bitcoins as an additional currency.

Any video game sold directly through our website will be able to be purchased using Bitcoins. Unfortunately, we don’t have any games available at the moment, so it will still be quite a while till you can actually purchase a game using them. However, you can help fund our games (crowd-funding style) using them. Meet the minimum donation and your reward will be a digital copy of the game. Visit our Video Game section for funding details.

We currently accept Bitcoin and PayPal for wallpaper donations as well. Wallpaper donation buttons are at the bottom of every wallpaper page.

Donations will only be used for their specified purposes. We have multiple Bitcoin and PayPal buttons to separate them. Wallpaper donations will only be used for wallpapers, game funding will only be used for the game being funded, etc.

-Kronus GT

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