State of the Bazaar #7: Refresh Complete, Kickstarter Submitted

Time for another State of the Bazaar 🙂 .


Our “Spring Refresh” was completed. Now that our shop is up-to-date, it will no longer be treated as a part of our main business. Video games, which were the reason we created Bojo’s Bazaar in the first place, need to be the main business. The shop simply takes up too much time and offers little return, especially since Zazzle recently halved our margins.

The shop will now be treated as a side project that will only be worked on outside of our designated work hours, at least until we’ve completed Nightmare on Chicken Street and have fully developed the fictional world of BoJo’s Bazaar, at which time we’ll likely reevaluate its status.

Game Update:

We’ve finished and submitted our Nightmare on Chicken Street Kickstarter campaign for review, so we’ll definitely be launching it as soon as possible. We would have had it done sooner, but I was forced to upgrade my computer because it simply couldn’t handle video editing software. We also had to renew our hosting and domain names. This resulted in me having to get as much work as I could in order to pay for them and having very little time to work on anything else.

My next post will be when we actually launch the campaign.

-Kronus GT

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