New Product Types and Improved Menu

As mentioned in our last State of the Bazaar, we are currently in the middle of a spring cleaning/refresh of our shop. We ended up needing to recreate every single product, so it’s taking longer than expected. Our plan is to finish up the refresh and any new designs by the end of June.

New Product Types:

We’ve added quite a few new product types to our shop. Wallclocks, Playing Cards, Jigsaw Puzzles, Gift Boxes, Ceramic Tiles, Laptop Sleeves, Laptop Bags, Plastic Coasters, Placemats, Napkins, Kitchen Towels, and Plates. We’re also expanding older designs to any suitable product types.

Improved Menu:

Thanks to some changes I made to my Zazzle shop importing script, I’ve increased the flexibility of our product type menu. This has allowed me to tidy up and compact the product type menu. An example of this is the Kitchenware section, which is made up of seven different product types that couldn’t have been combined without these changes.

-Kronus GT

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