State of the Bazaar #6: A Ton of Work Ahead

Time for another State of the Bazaar 🙂 .

So… we’ve delayed our Kickstarter yet again. I’m really tired of doing it, but it can’t be helped. As I said in our Nightmare on Chicken Street announcement, I have to work to pay the bills and I have a hard time getting things done because of it. For some reason, my work usually comes in bunches with an off period in between (when it rains it pours), plus it is a very physically exhausting job. I’ve had an unusually large amount of work since February, more than I’ve ever had before, causing any chance of adhering to our planned schedule to be virtually impossible.

I still have at least few weeks of work left that I’m obligated to finish, and thanks to the large amount that I’ve gotten and still have to do, I’ll have managed to save up enough that I should be able to safely refuse any work for long enough to get our campaign started. If successful, I’ll be able to quit and work full-time on Nightmare on Chicken Street until it is finished. If not, we’ll have to work our butts off, finish more of the game, and try it again.

What we’ve been up to:

As previously mentioned, I’ve been working. After work and on days off I’ve been tweaking our Kickstarter campaign, learning/practicing marketing, tweaking some existing pages (our FAQ and Nightmare on Chicken Street FAQ), and generally trying make sure we are as ready as can be to launch the campaign. Bobby has been working on game assets and concept art.

What we’re doing now:

We’re doing a “spring refresh” on our shop. As noted in a previous post, we updated our website and wallpapers with a new and improved logo. This, among other things, has prompted us to spend some time on products again.

Bobby will be redoing all products with our new logo, making some design tweaks, removing a few product types, and expanding our current designs to include any worthwhile types that Zazzle has added over the last year and a half. It’ll be back to creating the game assets once he’s finished.

I’ll be doing the same as I’ve been doing, plus doing whatever is needed to support the new product types in our shop. Once I’m finished working I’ll try to get our Kickstarter project going as quickly as possible. When we’ve finally secured funding we’ll put everything we can into finishing Nightmare on Chicken Street on time and to the best of our abilities.

-Kronus GT

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