WWF & Earth Day Weekend Special Promotion

Starting Saturday, April 20th, we’ll be having a special promotion we’re calling WWF & Earth Day Weekend. Instead of the usual 30% of Paper Animal proceeds being donated to the WWF, we’ll be donating 50% of ALL product proceeds. This promotion lasts three days: the 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), and the 22nd (Earth Day).

Additionally, if we reach a combined 500 Twitter followers and Facebook likes by the end of April, we’ll increase the donation total to 100%! So follow/retweet/like/share, etc. to help us reach our goal!

EDIT: The WWF & Earth Day Weekend Special Promotion has ended. Unfortunately, but not quite unexpected, we didn’t have a single sale over that period or an increase in followers/likes 🙁 .

-Kronus GT

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