Monthly Archives: April 2013

State of the Bazaar #6: A Ton of Work Ahead

Time for another State of the Bazaar 🙂 . So… we’ve delayed our Kickstarter yet again. I’m really tired of doing it, but it can’t be helped. As I said in our Nightmare on Chicken Street announcement, I have to … Continue reading

WWF & Earth Day Weekend Special Promotion

Starting Saturday, April 20th, we’ll be having a special promotion we’re calling WWF & Earth Day Weekend. Instead of the usual 30% of Paper Animal proceeds being donated to the WWF, we’ll be donating 50% of ALL product proceeds. This … Continue reading

Nightmare on Chicken Street: Announcement & Teaser

It took longer than I had hoped, but we’re finally ready to announce our first video game! We don’t have any actual gameplay footage ready, but we do have a music-less intro for you. Why unveil it without gameplay footage … Continue reading