Website Changelog: March 12th, 2013

We finished up a few more website tweaks.

  • Our Header images now feature our improved logo and some color/design tweaks.
  • All of our wallpapers have been updated to match our improved Header images.
  • Tweaked our list of supported wallpaper resolutions and aspect ratios.
  • Our colored title backgrounds have been improved a bit.
  • Our home page news icons have also been slightly improved.
  • Replaced the image of us on our about page with a new and improved one.
  • Fixed a few server issues caused by a recent PHP update.
  • Tweaked blog software and added a question during registration.
  • Improved the “To The Top” button that is used on a few footer pages.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m still hoping to get our Kickstarter going sometime soon, but it’s certainly not guaranteed. I still have more work queued up that’s keeping me from getting our campaign ready, and since my job has always been unpredictable, I have no idea if that queue will empty or stay filled.

-Kronus GT

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