Website Changelog: March 2nd, 2013

All mascot images have been removed from our website.

From the very beginning of BoJo’s Bazaar, we wanted to create a fantastic fictional world that starred our mascot, BoJo the Elephant. This world would be used throughout our website to give it extra character and have a series of video games and comics dedicated to it.

The images that were scattered throughout our website were based off of a very early version of the fictional BoJo’s Bazaar. These images were always meant to be improved and expanded upon when the world and characters had been more developed. Though still far from complete; that world, and the designs of the characters, has evolved into something much different and far beyond what we originally imagined. We’re no longer comfortable having these images on our website because of how much the characters and world have improved.

I’m not sure when replacements will be finished, especially with our Kickstarter project and first game being our number one priority, but I’m hoping we can make time for it sooner rather than later. A few additional changes will be coming within the next few days as well. We’ll update our header image with our new logo, replace the image of us in the About section with a new and improved one, update our website wallpapers to reflect the header and logo changes, and modify the aspect ratio/resolution mix that we’ll be supporting with our wallpapers.

-Kronus GT

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