Monthly Archives: February 2012

Paper Animal Donation Total for 2011

30% of all proceeds from Paper Animal products will be donated to the WWF / World Wildlife Fund, just not quite yet. At just $28.44, the total for last year isn’t very much. Because of the low total we have … Continue reading

New Design: My Average Day (Classic RPG)

We’ve added a new design to our Gamer section within our shop. EDIT: 5/24/2013 – The design name has been changed to to “My Average Day (8-bit RPG)” and the image has been tweaked a bit. All products have been … Continue reading

New Design Section: Misc Gamer (x2)

We’ve added two designs to our brand new Multiplayer section within our shop. Brand Newb (Starburst) Brand Newb (Stamped) In need of some gamer gear? Are you a proud newbie? Then you’ll love our “Brand Newb (Starburst)” and “Brand Newb … Continue reading