Want to make some extra income promoting our website? It's simple: Join Zazzle, create a special link with your associate id, promote it, and earn money on every sale made by the people that you've referred.

How It Works:

Anyone that has followed your link will have a cookie saved by their browser (the same cookie that stores the background theme option for our website). So long as the user doesn't clear their cookies or clicks on another affiliates link, all product links in our Shop will have our associate id replaced with your associate id. Zazzle will give you 15% (more with volume bonuses) of all sales made using your associate id.

To create the previously mentioned custom URL, simply take our URL ( and add "rfid-#.html" to it, replacing the number sign (#) with your associate ID. Your associate id is an 18 digit number given to you by Zazzle. Click on the link, the cookie will be set, and the user will land on our homepage.

Here is an example using our associate id:

Unfortunately, we won't have any ad banners for affiliates to use.

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