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Joe and Bobby drawn in a cartoon style.

About Us:

My name is Joe. I go by the alias Kronus GT on our forum and blog. I'm the Co-Founder, Webmaster, Programmer, Game Writer, Co-Game Designer, and all around Manager of BoJo's Bazaar. The concept of BoJo's Bazaar, business plan, and layout and coding of the website was done by me.

My brother Bobby, who goes by the alias Nonstop Tadpole, is the Co-Founder, Artist, Product Creator, and Co-Game Designer of BoJo's Bazaar. All of the art throughout this website, within our video games, and on products, unless otherwise stated, was created by him. Bobby also uploads his pictures to Zazzle and sets up all of the products so that they can be sold.

When needed, we also give input and share ideas regarding each others duties.

Well, that's it for now. I'm hoping that we'll be able to welcome many more to the BoJo's Bazaar family at some point in the future. Our goal is to become a financially stable and extremely well-respected independent game developer large enough to work on and release a few high quality games per year.

Fictional BoJo's Bazaar:

It isn't ready to unveil yet, but we are creating a fictitious world using our mascot characters. This world and our mascots will eventually be featured throughout our website and be the focus of some of our video games, products, and wallpapers.

We also want to create a series of free web comics, viewable from our Other Stuff section, that feature the mascot characters. Sadly, the comics aren't very high on our priority list. We simply can't take on a project like that until BoJo's Bazaar is out of the red and actually supporting not only us, but several staff as well.

EDIT: We had several pictures scattered throughout our website that featured our characters, but they were removed on 3/2/2013 because of some massive changes that had been made to the fictitious world and characters of BoJo's Bazaar.


It was around 2006 that me and my brother decided to start a business together. We had been avid gamers since we were old enough to pick up a controller (or in my case, a joystick) and we both wanted to create video games for a living. I began learning how to program and my brother began practising his drawing and learning how to do things digitally. We also spent a lot of time coming up with game ideas and planning out the business in general.

It was nearly two years later (early 2008) that we decided to create BoJo's Bazaar. We needed money and our abilities weren't mature enough to create and release a game of the quality that we desired. I felt that opening a store at a major "Print on Demand" website would be low risk, could help support our game development, give Bobby plenty of practice, and give me some experience with web development.

I came up with the name BoJo's Bazaar using the first two letters of our first names, Bobby and Joe, and the fact that we were going to offer a wide range of designs on many different products. It was a few months afterwards, during the design of our first website, that Bobby came up with some of our mascot characters: BoJo the Elephant and the two mice, which we later named Knick and Knack. Several months in, with many products already on the marketplace, we launched our first website.

The first year started out relatively fine and the marketplace sales were around what we expected. However, instead of things getting better, they completely regressed. The company we chose made changes to their marketplace that effectively killed the vast majority of our sales. Needing to increase sales from our shop, and realizing that our first attempt at a website wasn't very good, we did a quick redesign to fix most of its major issues.

I went back to programming for a few months once we had the second version of the website finished. During that time I made massive improvements to my programming skills and had a decent portion of a reusable framework finished that would help our future game development. However, the website still wasn't getting sales and the company we chose decided to make their marketplace even worse by lowering what we made on each sale by more than half.

We were forced to close up our shop because it was no longer making enough money to pay the yearly fee. Bobby's art had gotten much better and his older designs were no longer a good representation of what he was capable of doing, so we pretty much had to start BoJo's Bazaar over from scratch. Having gained a good deal of knowledge and experience since our original business plan, I decided that it needed a massive overhaul as well.

Instead of simply being a side business, our new plan merged our game business with BoJo's Bazaar, creating the Independent Video Game & Art Studio you currently see. We chose Zazzle to be our next "Print on Demand" company and Bobby began creating new products for it. I began working on a new website, which unlike our first two, wasn't going to be designed with my limited web development knowledge or any time limits in mind.

Over a year later, on October 12th of 2011, we finally launched that new BoJo's Bazaar. Having given my programming and design abilities another good boost, and after a few months of tweaking the website and adding products, we began work on our first video game and the fictitious world of our mascot characters. Unfortunately, things didn't progress smoothly from there. Between working to pay bills, our game becoming larger and requiring more art than originally intended, spending far too much time on a Kickstarter campaign that failed to reach its goal, and having to switch over and learn a new game engine put us far behind schedule.

In April of 2014 development of Nightmare on Chicken Street was delayed until we had the resources to complete it. The fictitious world of BoJo's Bazaar and our mascots have been delayed until they're needed for a game. We've refocused our efforts on small mobile games because they are better suited for a two man team with limited resources.

1-9-2015: BoJo's Bazaar has been placed into a state of limbo. We are still developing video games, but under a separate (currently untitled) website and name. BoJo's Bazaar will probably only be revived if and when we have the resources to dedicate an actual team to turn the fictional world of BoJo's Bazaar into the franchise we had originally planned. For further details, click here.

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